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Top 10 Wrestling Movies of all Time!

Debate with me! I fell in Love with #2.

17 Wrestling movies to watch!
12 Wrestling documentaries to watch!
18 Wrestling songs to pump you up!
Wrestling books? Recommend some.


1. Vision Quest – Jasper

2. Win Win

3. Dangal

4. American Wrestler

5. Legendary

6. Reversal

7. First Match

8. Beyond to the Mat

9. The Hammer

10. Win by Fall

11. Going to the Mat

12. Takedown

13. Foxcatcher

14. The Hardest Six

15. Spooner

16. Restoration

17. The Streak


1. Wrestled Away – Lee Kemp

2. Team Foxcatcher – Dave Schultz

3. The Season – Iowa Wrestling Steve Mocco

4. El Viejo – Thom Ortiz

5. Pinned – Lance Palmer

6. Zion – Zion Clark

7. A Shot in the Dark – Anthony Ferraro

8. Takedowns and Falls – Central Dauphin Rams

9. Wrestle – Johnson High School

10. Wrestling with Life – Dave Nowick

11. Prince of Pennsylvania – Mark & Dave Schultz

12. Junkyard Dogs – Kenji Porter…/d…/B082DMNDSL/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r


1. Pace – Travis Piccard

2. My Mentality

3. The Realest Sport

4. Take ‘Em Down

5. Embrace the Grind

6. Taste the Pain

7. Overtime

8. Badder

9. Winning Matches

10. Cuttin’ Weight

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#17. CIF STATE My Mentality Intro

#18. Save the Sport

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STEVE THOMAS Artictle Bismarck Rotary Results.

Coach Guy Melby’s wrestlers from Sidney, Mont., ran far, far away from the field at the Bismarck Rotary club wrestling tournament this year.

 The Eagles laid waste to everyone in their path, including themselves.

 Sidney won the Rotary tournament last year with 213 points, respectable, but not eye-popping. On Saturday, the Eagles completed a tournament-record 295.5-point performance. They left the previous mark of 274.5 far in their wake. That prior record was set by the Bismarck Demons in 1991.

  Leading the Sidney parade were there champions — sophomore Aden Graves at 145 pounds, senior Jett Jones at 195 and junior Brodey Skogen at 220.

 The Eagles scored at every weight, save 170 where had no one entered. They had four runners-up, two thirds, two fifths and two sixths.

 Jones, last year’s Montana state champion at 182, said last week’s point eruption was similar to what happened at last year’s Montana state tournament.

 “We want to try and break our record from last year. We scored over 300 points and had 16 placers. This year we want all 17 of us to place,” he noted.

 The Eagles scored 310.5 points to win their second straight state Class A title last winter.

 Sidney finished Friday’s session with 243.5 points after qualifying seven men for the finals with a strong semifinal round. 

 Jones, who places second at 182 pounds at last year’s Rotary, said the Eagles came to Bismarck with high aspirations. They haven’t failed to win this season in dual or tournament competition.

 “We thought we were going to win it again,” he said. “We only lost four seniors from last year … and we have some freshmen who are doing great.”

 Although the Eagle wrestling program boasts 11 state championships, Jones said it was slim pickings during his first varsity season.

 “My freshman year I think we won three duals. We only had 10 wrestlers on the varsity. Since then we’ve gotten more and more numbers and the talent has been increasing,” he observed.

 Sidney’s blowout effort left Bismarck and Rapid City, S.D., Stevens out in the cold. Bismarck boasted three champions and 223.5 points. Stevens had two individual champions and 205.5 points. There have been seasons when both those totals would have won Rotary championships.

 Other teams with 100-plus points were Watertown, S.D., fourth with 197; Minot, fifth with 169; Century, sixth with 142.5, and Dickinson, seventh with 100.

 Bismarck’s champions were eighth grader L.J. Araujo (106), junior Wilfried Tanefeu (120) and sophomore Brock Fettig (152). Senior Declan Malone (138) and senior Cooper Voorhees (160) took top honors for Stevens.

Voorhees won the feature match of the championship round. He and Sidney’s Dylan Lutz entered the 160-pound finale undefeated. Voorhees won 9-5, boosting his record to 28-0. Lutz, a junior, lost for the first time in 24 decisions.

 Other individual champions were senior Brenden Salfrank of Aberdeen, S.D., at 113, junior Reece Barnhardt of St. Mary’s at 126, senior Kelby Armstrong of Minot at 132, senior Garrett Jangula of Napoleon at 170, senior Jayden Hartford of Watertown at 182 and senior Brody Defoe of Grand Forks Central at 285.

 Barnhardt and Jangula won their third Rotary championships and Salfrank us a second-time winner. Salfrank, Voorhees, Jangula and Jones all emerged from the tournament undefeated.

 Jangula left the Event Center with a bundle of hardware. He was named the tournament’s most valuable wrestler and took home the pinner award.

 All five of Jangula’s Rotary matches ended in pins. He’s 11-0 on the season with nine pins. He said his goal is to end things quickly and cleanly. He’s never been a fan of the takedown-escape, takedown-escape, technical fall strategy.

 “That seems cocky to me. I don’t want to wrestle that way,” he said.

  Jangula said he’s have more matches on his log, but he ended the football season with a neck injury that carried into the wrestling season.

 Although he’s a senior who is an all-state football player and a three-time state wrestling champion, his future plans are uncertain,.

 “I’m not sure if I’m going to compete in college sports yet,” he said.

  Barnhardt has thee Rotary championships and two state titles in his collection with a year to go. He’s 30-1 this season with titles at the Mandan Lions and Rapid City Invitational. His only loss was at the Rumble on the Red in Fargo last month.

 Championships run in the Barnhardt family. Reece’s older brother, Tate, was a two-time state champion for St. Mary’s in 2014 and 2015 and his father, Duane, won state titles for Century in 1984 and 1985.

 While he’s enjoyed great success at the Rotary, Reece says he doesn’t place any special emphasis on wrestling at home.

 “I just think of it as another tournament. I take it one match at a time,” he said.

 Reece jumped on Jordan Darby of Sidney fast and hard in the 126-pound championship match, taking period leads of 6-3 and 11-4 en route to a 19-7 victory. He said that match was fairly typical of his approach.

 “My goal was to tech (Darby) or pin him. … I just do the stuff that I’m good at and get to it. I don’t want to wait around.” he said. “If you wait around, you give the other guy a chance to do what he’s good at.”

  Sidney now has three Rotary championships to its credit, and Melby says the Eagles will be back next year for another try.

 “This year we have three seniors, who are great leaders, and our junior class is our bread and butter. … We’re still young,” Melby noted. “What’s special about these guys us they do every aspect of the sport to their hardest.”

 The effort shows. The Eagles now stand 16-0 in duals with championships in all four of the tournaments they’ve entered.

Team Scores

1. Sidney (Mont.) 295.5. 2. Bismarck 223.5. 3. Rapid City (S.D.) Stevens 205.5. 4. Watertown (S.D.) 187. 5. Minot 169. 6. Century 142.5. 7. Dickinson 100. 8. Valley City 98. 9. Devils Lake 93.5. 10. Aberdeen (S.D.) Central 85.5. 11. Rapid City (S.D.) Central 85. 12. Mandan 83.5. 13. Grand Forks Central 82. 14. Carrington 79.5. 15. West Fargo 75. 16. St. Mary’s 71. 17. Legacy 67. 18. Napoleon 65.5. 19. Fargo North 62. 20. Moorhead (Minn.) 56.

21. Fargo Davies 53. 22. Jamestown 46. 23. Turtle Mountain 44. 24. West Fargo Sheyenne 42. 25. Wahpeton 41. 26. Fargo South 37. 27. Grand Forks Red River 27. 28. Williston 24. 29. Watford City 16. 30. Beulah-Hazen 10.

Individual Results

106 Pounds

L.J. Araujo, Bis, def. Jack Schoenhard, RCS, 6-2 (championship). Koye Grebel, VC, pinned Gabe Mortensen, Min, 1:42 (third). Owen Lonski, Sid, def. J.J. Thompson, Leg, 5-2 (fifth). Evan Fleck, Man, pinned Jacob Schulze, Min-unattached, 2:28 (seventh).

113 Pounds

Brenden Salfrank, Abe, def. Christian Tanefeu, Bis, 8-4 (championship). Zander Dean, Sid, def. Neal Bohrer, Cen, 5-0 (third). Treston Lura, Car, pinned Tyson Gass, GFC, 2:57 (fifth). Connor Hanson, Water, pinned Caleb Richter, RCS, 2:33 (seventh).

120 Pounds

Wilfried Tanefeu, Bis, def. Kaiden Cline, Sid, major dec., 11-1 (championship). Kaden DeCoteau, Cen, def. Marcus Johnson, WFS, 7-4 (third). Jacob Ersland, Cen-unattached, def. Houston Crimmins, Dic, 2-0 (fifth). Carson Hansmann, Water, pinned Bennett Rogelstad, VC, 2:55 (seventh).

126 Pounds

Reece Barnhardt, SM, def. Jordan Darby, Sid, major dec., 19-7 (championship). Darien Malone, RCS, def. Brant Fisk, DL, 9-3 (third). Danny Monatukwa, FN, def. Hayden Johnsrud, Cen, 5-3, OT (fifth). Joel Bowman, Jam, def. Tyler Porter, WF, 5-1 (seventh).

132 Pounds

Kelby Armstrong, Min, def. Ty Althoff, Water, 4-3 (championship). Jacob Thomas, FS, pinned Devin Schulz, Cen, 2:15 (third). Kaden Renner, Bis, pinned Everett Jensen, Sid, 2:42 (fifth). Josh Isassi, GFC, def. Kaleb Porter, WF, 3-0 (seventh).

138 Pounds

Declan Malone, RCS, def. Clay Radenz, Cen, 7-2 (championship). Kadyn Kraye, RCC, def. Preston Fettig, Bis, 9-4 (third). Isaac Felchle, SM, def. Kolton Reid, Sid-unattached, 6-2 (fifth). Jaxson Waugh, Water, pinned Tim Kadrmas, Leg, 2:13 (seventh).

145 Pounds

Aden Graves, Sid, def. Troy Berg, Dic, 5-1 (championship). Trevon McClaanahan, Min, def. T.J. Morris, RCC, 7-2 (third). Ryan Luthi, Moor, def. Maverick Martin, Leg, 5-3, OT (fifth). Peyton Johnston, Water, def. Konnor Nelson, Man, 4-3 (seventh).

152 Pounds

Brock Fettig, Bis, def. Will Kleinknecht, Man, 3-2 (championship). Kade Graves, Sid, def. Brayden Burrus, RCC, 3-1 (third). Tate Laducer, TM, def,. Noah Braun, Jam, medical forfeit (fifth). Mac Young, Water, def. Tanner VanScoy, RCS, 10-3 (seventh).

160 Pounds

Cooper Voorhees, RCS, def. Dylan Lutz, Sid, 9-5 (championship). Parker Larson, VC, pinned Tate Hoggarth, Car., 2:05 (third). Chase Burke, Min, def. Seth Berg, Man, 6-4 (fifth). Ty Weber, FD, def. Clay LaRocque, TM, 4-3 (seventh).

170 Pounds

Garrett Jangula, Nap, pinned Gage Roaldson, Bis, 1:39 (championship). Wyatt Jungclaus, RCC, pinned Sam Stroup, Water, 1:48 (third). Caleb Brink, RCS, def. Connor Chloupek, FD, 7-4 (fifth). Hayden Netland, Moor, def,. Joel McIntosh, WF, 3-2 (seventh).

182 Pounds

Jayden Hartford, Water, pinned Riley Waters, Sid, 2:25 (championship). Isaiah Huus, Bis, def. Colby Rance, DL, major dec., 10-1 (third). Tanner Jarrett, Dic, def. Junior Surpris, FN, 11-8 (fifth). Isaac Fernandez, Min., def. True Synhorst, RCS, 5-2 (seventh).

195 Pounds

Jett Jones, Sid, def. Jacob Carmichael, Min, major dec., 14-2 (championship). Dillon Stoebner, Abe, def. Beau Retzlaff, Car, 7-6 (third). Connor Wirtjes, Water, def. Cullen Glatt, Bis, major dec., 10-0 (fifth). Robby Serumgard, DL, pinned Jack Newcomb, Moor, 2:53 (seventh).

220 Pounds

Brodey Skogen, Sid, def. Josh Krump, Wah, major dec., 10-2 (championship). Ryan Brink, RCS, pinned Truman Werremeyer, FD, 2:11 (third). Lincoln Stahl, Water, def. Peyton Grunefelder, Nap, medical forfeit (fifth). Isaiah Gates, FS, pinned Malikai Rivera, Dic, 4:02 (seventh).

285 Pounds

Brody Defoe, GFC, pinned Konnor Stordalen, Cen, 4:23 (championship). Jack Kuntz, DL, pinned Connor Bockomy, Abe, :38 (third). Trey Schepens, Sid, pinned Parker Nelson, RR, 1:30 (fifth). Tytus Bachmeier, Man, pinned Dreyton DeCoteau, TM, 1:39 (seventh).


Jerry Halmrast Most Valuable Wrestler: Garrett Jangula, 170, Napoleon.

Pinner: Jangula, 5 pins in 4:41.

Quick pin: Brecken Lura, 132, Carrington, 11 seconds.

Bismarck Rotary Article by Steve Thomas

Pins have played an important role in Guy Melby’s highly successful run as head wrestling coach at Sidney High School in Montana.

 “We talk about getting six points all the time,” said Melby, who has coached the Eagles to 11 state championships, including titles the last two years. “Every day we talk to the guys about scoring the first points and the last points (of the match). And we’re always looking for pins.”

 Melby’s Eagles obviously paid heed on Friday as they shot away to a 55-point lead in their bid for a repeat championship at the Bismarck Rotary Club wrestling tournament at the Event Center.

 None of Sidney’s designated 13 scoring entrants lost in the first two rounds of the tournament, and they piled up 17 pins along the way. All told, they won 21 matches by fall on the day.

 So the Eagles head into today’s 1 p.m. wrestleback round with a 243.5 to 188.5 advantage on second-place Bismarck. Six teams reached the 100-point plateau on the first day. Rapid City, S.D., Stevens was third with 169.5 points, trailed by Watertown, S.D., (155); Minot (140), and Century (114.5).

 Melby wants to engage in no conversation concerning insurmountable leads.

“Nobody remembers what you did the first day if you don’t get it done the second day,” he noted. “We’ve got to be better tomorrow than we were today.”

 The Eagles have plenty of gunpowder left in the cannon. Kaiden Cline (120), Jordan Darby (126), Aden Graves (145), Dylan Lutz (160), Riley Waters (182), Jett Jones (195) and Brodey Skogen (220) will wrestle for the Eagles in today’s finals, which are scheduled for 3 p.m.

 In addition, the other six Eagle scoring wrestlers are alive in the wrestlebacks. 

 Bismarck, Sidney’s closest competitor, has five finalists, but only for remaining in the consolation bracket.

 The Demon finalists are L.J. Araujo (106), Christian Tanefeu (113), Wilfried Tanefeu (120), Brock Fettig (152) and Gage Roaldson (170).

 Other finalists include Reece Barnhardt (126) of St. Mary’s, Clay Radenz of Century (138), Will Kleinknecht of Mandan (152), Garrett Jangula (170) of Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, and Connor Stordalen of Century (285).

 That said, Melby sees no room for letup.

 “We’ll have to come out and wrestle like its 0-0 tomorrow,” he said.

<h4>Team Scores

 1. Sidney (Mont.) 243.5. 2. Bismarck 188.5. 3. Rapid City (S.D.) Stevens 169.5. 4. Watertown (S.D.) 155. 5. Minot 140. 6. Century 114.5. 7. Dickinson 98. 8. Valley City 78. 9. West Fargo 75. 10. Mandan 74.5.

11. Grand Forks Central 72. 12. (tie) Aberdeen (S.D.) Central and Devils Lake, 67.5. 14. Carrington 61.5. 15. St. Mary’s 60. 16. Legacy 59. 17. Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter 56.5. 18. Rapid City (S.D.) Central 55. 19. Fargo North 52. 20. Moorhead (Minn.) 50.

 21. Jamestown 45. 22. Fargo Davies 42. 23. Wahpeton 41. 24. Turtle Mountain 37. 25. West Fargo Sheyenne 34. 26. (tie) Grand Forks Red River and Williston 24. 28. Fargo South 23. 29. Watford City 16. 30. Beulah-Hazen 10.

<h1>Individual Results


 106 pounds: Jack Schoenhard, RCS, def. Koye Grebel, VC, major dec. 11-2. L.J. Araujo, Bis, def. Owen Lonski, Sid, 8-3.

 113: Brenden Salfrank, Abe, def. Neal Bohrer, Cen, tech. fallm, 17-2. Christian Tanefu, Bis, def. Zander Dean, Sid, major dec., 11-0.

 120: Wilfried Tanefu, Bis, def. Kaden DeCoteau, Cen, major dec., 14-4. Kaiden Cline, Sid, def. Houston Crimmins, Dic, 5-2.

 126: Reece Barnhardt, SM, def. Darien Malone, RCS, tech. fall, 17-2. Jordan Darby, Sid, def. Brant Fisk, DL, 13-8.

 132: Kelby Armstrong, Min, def. Kaden Renner, Bis, 10-8. Ty Althoff, Water, pinned Jacob Thomas, FS, :34.

 138: Clay Radenz, Cen, def. Preston Fettig, Bis, 10-4. Declan Malone, RCS, def. Kadyn Kraye, RCC, 3-0.

 145: Troy Berg, Dic, def. Trevon McClaanahan, Min, 3-2. Aden Graves, Sid, def. T.J. Morrison, RCC, 7-2.

 152: Brock Fettig, Bis, def. Noah Braun, Jam, 6-4, OT. Will Kleinknecht, Man, def. Brayden Burrus, RCC, major dec., 12-4.

 160: Cooper Voorhees, RCS, pinned Tate Hoggarth, Car, 2:08. Dylan Lutz, Sid, def. Parker Larson, VC, 4-3.

 170: Garrett Jangula, NGS, pinned Sam Stroup, Water, 1:19. Gage Roaldson, Bis, def. Wyatt Jungclaus, RCC, 7-0.

 182: Riley Waters, Sid, def. Isaiah Huus, Bis, 14-8. Jayden Hartford, Water, def. Tanner Jarrett, Dic, 6-5.

 195: Jett Jones, Sid, def. Dillon Stoebner, Abe, major dec., 8-0. Jacob Carmichael, Min, pinned Beau Retzlaff, Car, 5:21.

 220: Josh Krump, Wah, def. Lincoln Stahl, Water, 5-1. Brodey Skogen, Sid, def. Truman Werremeyer, FD,  5-3, OT.

 285: Brody Defoe, GFC, pinned Jack Kuntz, DL, 3:11. Konnor Stordalen, Cen, def. Connor Bockomy, Abe, 4-1.

<h4>Championship Matches

 106 pounds: Jack Schoenhard, RCS, soph., 23-2, vs. L.J. Araujo, Bis, 8th grade, 13-2.

 113: Brenden Salfrank, Abe, sr., 20-0, vs. Christian Tanefeu, Bis, jr., 25-3.

 120: Wilfried Tanefeu, Bis, jr., 26-1, vs. Kaiden Cline, Sid, sr., 22-4.

 126: Reece Barnhardt, SM, jr., 29-1, vs. Jordan Darby, Sid, jr., 27-2.

 132: Kelby Armstrong, Min, sr., 12-2, vs. Ty Althoff, Water, sr., 18-0.

 138: Clay Radenz, Cen, jr., 29-3, vs. Declan Malone, RCS, sr., 15-4.

 145: Troy Berg, Dic, soph., 24-3, vs. Aden Graves, Sid, soph., 26-3.

 152: Brock Fettig, Bis, soph., 26-4, vs. Will Kleinknecht, Man, sr., 30-7.

 160: Cooper Voorhees, RCS, sr., 27-0, vs. Dylan Lutz, Sid, jr., 23-0.

 170: Garrett Jangula, NGS, sr., 10-0, vs. Gage Roaldson, Bis, sr., 25-3.

 182: Riley Waters, Sid, jr., 23-0, vs. Jayden Hartford, Water, sr., 15-2.

 195: Jett Jones, Sid, sr., 25-0, vs. Jacob Carmichael, Min, sr., 21-5.

 220: Josh Krump, Wah, jr., 22-3, vs. Brodey Skogen, Sid, jr., 23-6.

 285: Brody Defoe, GFC, sr., 19-1, vs. Connor Bockomy, Abe, sr., 6-7.

 NOTES: Eight unbeaten wrestlers will be competing in today’s championship matches. … Cooper Voorhees of Rapid City Stevens, 27-0, will face Dylan Lutz of Sidney, 23-0, in the 160-pound final. … All three returning champions have reached the championship round. They are Brenden Salfrank of Aberdeen at 113, Reece Barnhardt of St. Mary’s at 126 and Garrett Jangula of Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter at 170. … Salfrank and Jangula are among the tournament’s unbeatens. … Cael Larson of Rapid City Central and Drew Steidler of St. Mary’s won last Rotary titles last winter as underclassmen, but were not entered this year. Larson won at 113 and Steidler was the champion at 132.

Dual Qualifiers for Elementary, Middle School & Womens Feb 28th

The Team North Dakota Dual Team Qualifier for Elementary, Middle School and Women’s National Duals is moving to the Bismarck Civic Center. The date for the event is also changing from early March to February 28. There will be eight full mats, and for the first time the tournament will be live on Trackwrestling. Wrestlers must have USA Wrestling cards to compete. The national dual tournament is set for April 9-11 in Council Bluffs, IA.

Dakota Grappler Going Live from McCook Central Wrestling Tourney

Salem Tournament

Starting at 9:00. 19 teams and some amazing match-ups will happen at this tournament!
Highlight of Teams and Individuals are as of the 26 Dec Ratings.

1. Canton
2. Winner
3. MCM
4. Burke/Gregory
7. Parker
8. Howard
9. Mt Vernon/Plankinton/Corisica-Stickney
11. Bon Homme/Scotland/Avon
12. Philip Area
13. Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes
15. Elk Point-Jefferson
All teams are Class B Ratings except for Class A Beresford/Alcester-Hudson.
2 Hadley Tobin – MV/P/C-S
4 Kipp Cordes – PHILIP
6 Kasen Konstanz – K/WL/PG
10 Andrew Even – PARKER
11 Korbyn Ockenga – CAN
1 Andy Meyer – CAN
3 Bryson Muirhead – LYMAN
4 Weston Remmers – Mc/M
5 Kaleb Osborn – WIN
6 Logan Buseman – PARKER
8 Kyler Konstanz – K/WL/P-G
9 Brandon Bosworth – MV/P/C-S
10 Ryker Peterson – PHIL
2 Owen Hansen – B/G
6 Dylan Zell – KCo.
7 Thane Simons – PHILIP
8 Lucas Hueser – EP-J
9 Chase Varilek – K/WL/P-G
4 11 Kale Ask – CAN
1 Kaden Keiser – WIN
2 Jackson Remmers – Mc/M
3 Riley Genzlinger – HOW
4 Carter Lenz – K/WL/P-G
5 Isaac Crownover – BH/S/A
6 Luke Richardson – CAN
10 Shilo Mowry – LYM
11 Lincoln Stuwe – PoCo.
Notable Jaydn Coler- Phiip
1 Braden Sehr – CAN
4 Kieffer Klinkhammer – HOW
5 Wyatt Talbott – K/WL/P-G
7 Jordan Rueb – BH/S/A
7A Peyton Fridrich BAH
8 Ben Swatek – EP-J
12 Aaron Gilchrist – WIN
1 Kellyn March – CAN
2 Lane Miller – HOW
3 Riley Orel – WIN
4 Alec Dobson – KCo
5 Skyler Swatek – EP-J
6 Keegan Haider – WS/W/W-W
8 Burk Blasius – PHILIP
10 Riley Hellmann – BH/S/A
HMA Payton Borah BAH
1 Jackson Eklund – B/G
2A Logan Serk BAH
3 Blair Blasius – PHILIP
4 Mace Plucker – PARKER
5 Seth Peterson – CAN
7 Jack Kruger – WIN
8 Grayson Hanson – K/WL/P-G
Noteable- Colby Fitch Philip
1 Trevor Peters – WIN
2 Jaden Dominesse – CAN
3 Daniel Cremer – M/F
6 Brody Weavill – EP-J
7 John Callies – HOW
12 Rylan Peck – B/G
Noteable- McCoy Perterson
4 Frank Even – B/G
6 Jacob Cheeseman – Mc/M
7 Ty Beyer – HOW ;D
8 Blake Eldeen – PARKER
9 Kaden Laubach – CAN
Noteable- Sam Kruger Winner
1 Shaeden Scheidt – CAN
2 Hunter Pranger – MV/P/C-S
3 Blake Gessner – Mc/M
5 Gavin Holland – KCo.
6 Finn Hanson – B/G
8 Spencer Hanson – K/WL/P-G
11 Seth Tebay – WS/W/W-W
1 Thomas Baker – MV/P/C-S
3 Joey Wheeler – PoCo.
4 Jordan Gall – BH/S/A
5 Jacobi Krouse – Mc/M
6 Charlie Patten – PARKER
7 Levi Nightingale – K/WL/P-G
10 Victor Dennis – PHILIP
1 Tanner Even – PARKER
2 Boots Crownover – BH/S/A
3 Cullen Rutten – CAN
4 Cody Donnelly – PHILIP
6 Isaac Feldhaus – HOW
7 Cade Entwisle – Mc/M
10 Landon Debus – WIN
12 Taron Serr – B/G
2 Marshall Baldwin – CAN
4 Preston Norrid – WIN
5 Jesse Walton – PARKER
6 Quinten Christensen – WSW
8 Rhoss Oliver – B/G
10 Chase Reed – FLA
11 Kain Gilligan – KCo.
2 Zach Richardson – CAN
3 Drake Peed – EP-J
4 Micah DeBoer – BH/S/A
5 Colin Reif – Mc/M
9 Charley Pravecek – WIN
11 Kameron Styles – K/WL/P-G
Noteable- Achilles Willuweitt- Winner

Live links will be found on Dakota Grappler Youtube page

ND Results 12-12-19 Big Night

ND Results 12-12-19   Devils Lake, ND 72 Fargo North, ND 11 220: Braden Jongeward (FN) over Joey Heiser (DL) (Fall 0:32) 285: Jack Kuntz (DL) over Andrew Aamold (FN) (Fall 0:22) 106: William Sprenger (DL) over (FN) (For.) 113: Owen Lindstrom (DL) over (FN) (For.) 120: Ethan Sprenger (DL) over (FN) (For.) 126: Brant Fisk (DL) over Gavin Murray (FN) (Fall 0:25) 132: Sam Shomento (DL) over (FN) (For.) 138: Layton Wallace (DL) over Daniel Stoll (FN) (Inj. [time]) 145: James Charboneau (DL) over (FN) (For.) 152: Joshua Worral (FN) over Brayden Gerhardt (DL) (TF 19-4 6:00) 160: Zach Lange (DL) over (FN) (For.) 170: Tyrese Leaf (DL) over (FN) (For.) 182: Parker Vilandre (DL) over (FN) (For.) 195: Colby Rance (DL) over Junior Surpris (FN) (Fall 5:03)
Bismarck, ND 46 Jamestown, ND 18 106: Noah Savageau (BIS) over Grady Anderson (JAM) (Dec 3-2) 113: Christian Tanefeu (BIS) over Aden Braun (JAM) (Dec 1-0) 120: Wilfried Tanefeu (BIS) over (JAM) (For.) 126: Joel Bowman (JAM) over Tate Olson (BIS) (Dec 1-0) 132: Kaden Renner (BIS) over Talor Huebner (JAM) (MD 11-1) 138: Colton Mewes (JAM) over Isaac Peterson (BIS) (Fall 1:46) 145: Preston Fettig (BIS) over Jackson Walters (JAM) (Dec 5-2) 152: Brock Fettig (BIS) over Adyn Eckart (JAM) (Fall 1:57) 160: Noah Braun (JAM) over Ben Nagel (BIS) (Dec 8-2) 170: Gage Roaldson (BIS) over Devin Knight (JAM) (Fall 1:16) 182: Isaiah Huus (BIS) over Coty Huebner (JAM) (Fall 1:10) 195: Cullen Glatt (BIS) over Austin Kessler (JAM) (Dec 7-4) 220: Ethan Stewart (BIS) over Dareeyn Davis (JAM) (Fall 2:53) 285: Damien Krebs (JAM) over Jordan Schumacher (BIS) (Fall 4:44)
South Border, ND 64 Oakes, ND 9 113: Charles Herr (SB) over Cody Meehl (OAK) (Fall 3:43) 120: Jace Nitschke (SB) over Jaron Awender (OAK) (Fall 1:00) 126: Matthew Wolf (SB) over Jacob Kadoun (OAK) (Fall 0:01) 132: Grant Schneider (SB) over Blaine Wald (OAK) (Fall 1:48) 138: Baxter Sand (SB) over Brogan Roney (OAK) (Fall 1:43) 145: Jon Shockley (SB) over John German (OAK) (Fall 1:45) 152: Mark Jochim (SB) over Joshua Meehl (OAK) (Fall 1:02) 160: Lucien Peterson (SB) over Ryan Hermes (OAK) (Dec 3-0) 170: Jake Herr (SB) over Joe Schaefer (OAK) (Fall 1:25) 182: Ashton Peterson (SB) over Marc Seyer (OAK) (DQ) 195: Nathan Schauer (SB) over Gabe Quandt (OAK) (Dec 5-3) 220: Hunter Greenmyer (OAK) over Hunter Wolf (SB) (Dec 6-2) 285: Jayden Hankel (OAK) over (SB) (For.) 106: Tristan Lepp (SB) over Grant Wagner (OAK) (MD 10-0)
Bismarck Legacy, ND 33 Bismarck St Mary`s, ND 30 106: Jesse Thompson (LEG) over Joryn Richter (MARY) (Fall 1:38) 113: Tyler Heen (MARY) over (LEG) (For.) 120: Collin Steidler (MARY) over Blaize Burtness (LEG) (Dec 9-4) 126: Reece Barnhardt (MARY) over Justice Backman (LEG) (Fall 0:47) 132: Jakob Blumhagen (LEG) over Logan Heen (MARY) (Dec 6-1) 138: Isaac Felchle (MARY) over Tim Kadrmas (LEG) (Dec 9-3) 145: James Richter (MARY) over Devon Rempel (LEG) (Dec 7-2) 152: Maverick Martin (LEG) over Mathew Scheer (MARY) (Dec 9-2) 160: Draken Stugelmeyer (LEG) over (MARY) (For.) 170: Adam Richter (MARY) over Riley Martin (LEG) (Dec 10-4) 182: Ethan Mitchell (LEG) over Luke Lengenfelder (MARY) (Dec 9-2) 195: Trenton Radenz (MARY) over Kyle Giudice (LEG) (Fall 1:57) 220: Henrik Jacobsen (LEG) over (MARY) (For.) 285: Joshua Haag (LEG) over Jack Weikum (MARY) (Fall 1:08)  
Stanley Triangular, ND Kenmare-Bowbells, ND 46.0 Stanley, ND 33.0 120: Timothy Ford (K-B) over (STAN) (For.) 126: Lynndon Feldner (K-B) over Dalton Dralle (STAN) (Fall 0:36) 132: Justin Germundson (STAN) over Landon Spear (K-B) (Fall 2:54) 138: Logan Stroklund (K-B) over Tristan Robinson (STAN) (Fall 0:52) 145: Keyton Meiers (STAN) over Payton Witt (K-B) (Dec 2-1) 152: Cody Rudolph (STAN) over Diontrea Andersen (K-B) (Fall 1:43) 160: Skyler Ford (K-B) over Kyler Grimm (STAN) (Fall 1:09) 170: Isaac Nelson (K-B) over Jonathan Germundson (STAN) (Fall 1:30) 182: Alex Bly (K-B) over Zachary Curren (STAN) (MD 13-5) 195: Joaquin Salgado (STAN) over (K-B) (For.) 220: Matthew Jacobs (STAN) over (K-B) (For.) 285: Zane Miller (K-B) over (STAN) (For.) 106: Cole Mogren (K-B) over Mason McPeak (STAN) (Fall 1:01) 113: Cayne Rudolph (STAN) over William Cook (K-B) (Fall 3:54)   Killdeer 57  Stanley 18 106: Jace Andersen (KIL) over Cayne Rudolph (STAN) (Fall 0:44) 113: Christian Ramos (KIL) over Mason McPeak (STAN) (Fall 0:51) 120: William Roundy (KIL) over (STAN) (For.) 126: Gus Bohmbach (KIL) over Justin Germundson (STAN) (TF 17-1 4:32) 132: Brandon Younker (KIL) over Dalton Dralle (STAN) (MD 15-3) 138: Keyton Meiers (STAN) over Birch Bang (KIL) (Fall 2:21) 145: 152: Cody Rudolph (STAN) over Dayne Fredericks (KIL) (Fall 2:38) 160: Ashton Frei (KIL) over Trey Bohmbach (STAN) (Fall 3:50) 170: Zack Andersen (KIL) over (STAN) (For.) 182: John Tomjack (KIL) over (STAN) (For.) 195: John Soto (STAN) over (KIL) (For.) 220: Ethan Jepson (KIL) over (STAN) (For.) 285: Ben Roundy (KIL) over Matthew Jacobs (STAN) (Fall 0:44)  
Mandan, ND 60 Watford City, ND 15 170: Nick Fiedler (WC) over James Barnhardt (MAN) (Dec 8-5) 182: Corydon Fladland (WC) over Brendan Hust (MAN) (Fall 2:43) 195: Jake Pulkrabek (MAN) over Brandon Rorex (WC) (Fall 0:21) 220: Caleb McDonald (MAN) over (WC) (For.) 285: Daylan Dillmann (MAN) over Brett Rowe (WC) (Fall 2:48) 106: Evan Fleck (MAN) over Alex Martinez (WC) (Fall 3:05) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Izaak Boekelman (WC) over (MAN) (For.) 126: Carolyn Goebel (MAN) over (WC) (For.) 132: Zach Swenson (MAN) over (WC) (For.) 138: Karsten Heggney (MAN) over Trey Polivka (WC) (Fall 0:26) 145: Konnor Nelson (MAN) over (WC) (For.) 152: Will Kleinknecht (MAN) over Tyler Erickson (WC) (Fall 3:14) 160: Seth Berg (MAN) over Camden Barnett (WC) (Fall 0:41)
Velva, ND 45 Deslacs-Burlington, ND 30 106: Colin Dean (VEL) over Gunner Rakness (DLB) (Fall 1:46) 113: Shayden Schiele (VEL) over Cooper Bredahl (DLB) (Fall 0:48) 120: Harrison Schwartz (DLB) over Elizabeth Massine (VEL) (Dec 2-0) 126: Gunnar Mogen (VEL) over Skylor DeRosse (DLB) (Fall 0:38) 132: Kaden Eaton (DLB) over (VEL) (For.) 138: Grayson Pease (DLB) over Triton Kaercher (VEL) (TF 15-0 5:45) 145: Cale Ibach (DLB) over Lucas Seibuhr (VEL) (Fall 0:57) 152: Walter Winkler (DLB) over Kelson Mascol (VEL) (Fall 0:40) 160: Michael Thomas (VEL) over Weston Wahus (DLB) (Dec 4-1) 170: Bransyn Yanish (VEL) over Brenden Hedges (DLB) (Fall 1:25) 182: Bryce Selzler (VEL) over (DLB) (For.) 195: Coy Spooner (DLB) over Wyatt Hanson (VEL) (MD 14-0) 220: Gabe Lakoduk (VEL) over (DLB) (For.) 285: Nick Hodges (VEL) over Jordan Robbins (DLB) (Fall 2:46)
Minot, ND 35 Bismarck Century, ND 25 152: Carter Peterson (MIN) over Cole Radenz (CENT) (Dec 9-5) 160: Trevon McClaanahan (MIN) over Mason Burke (CENT) (Fall 3:32) 170: Chase Burke (MIN) over Dany Tanefeu (CENT) (MD 13-4) 182: Jacob Boehm (CENT) over Isaac Fernandez (MIN) (Fall 1:35) 195: Jacob Carmichael (MIN) over Anthony Carranza (CENT) (MD 15-5) 220: Dylan Vigestad (MIN) over Lykken Parlett (CENT) (Fall 4:26) 285: Konnor Stordalen (CENT) over Preston Jones (MIN) (Dec 4-0) 106: Gabe Mortensen (MIN) over Blake Ersland (CENT) (Fall 1:51) 113: Neal Bohrer (CENT) over Tyler Nelson (MIN) (Dec 2-0) 120: Kaden DeCoteau (CENT) over Zachary Imler (MIN) (Fall 2:50) 126: Victor Garcia (MIN) over Hayden Johnsrud (CENT) (Dec 6-2) 132: Devin Schulz (CENT) over Paden Combs (MIN) (Dec 6-2) 138: Clay Radenz (CENT) over David Schulze (MIN) (MD 14-0) 145: Corey Hooker (MIN) over Ben Weigum (CENT) (Dec 5-4)
Rugby Triangular, ND Bishop Ryan, ND 52.0 Northern Lights, ND 29.0 113: Gattlin Ledoux (BR) over (NL) (For.) 120: Octavio Alvarez (BR) over Havlin Delong (NL) (MD 10-1) 126: Jakob Hudson (NL) over Gannon Ledoux (BR) (Fall 2:27) 132: Connor Harvey (BR) over (NL) (For.) 138: Drew Zwak (BR) over Cole Henderson (NL) (Fall 1:52) 145: Gavin Houle (NL) over (BR) (For.) 152: cade McCloud (NL) over Coy Okeson (BR) (TF 16-0 3:21) 160: Jaeger Lundeen (BR) over (NL) (For.) 170: Darrion Wilson (NL) over Bram Johannsen (BR) (Fall 3:41) 182: Corbin Okeson (BR) over Ezera Wuori (NL) (Fall 1:18) 195: Wyatt Dunlop (NL) over (BR) (For.) 220: Noah Swegarden (BR) over Christian Gamboa (NL) (Fall 1:23) 285: Keegan Henjum (BR) over (NL) (For.) 106: Lane Cooper (BR) over Justin Hudson (NL) (Fall 3:05) Bishop Ryan, ND 51.0 Rugby, ND 21.0  

113: Gattlin Ledoux (BR) over (NL) (For.) 120: Octavio Alvarez (BR) over Havlin Delong (NL) (MD 10-1) 126: Jakob Hudson (NL) over Gannon Ledoux (BR) (Fall 2:27) 132: Connor Harvey (BR) over (NL) (For.) 138: Drew Zwak (BR) over Cole Henderson (NL) (Fall 1:52) 145: Gavin Houle (NL) over (BR) (For.) 152: cade McCloud (NL) over Coy Okeson (BR) (TF 16-0 3:21) 160: Jaeger Lundeen (BR) over (NL) (For.) 170: Darrion Wilson (NL) over Bram Johannsen (BR) (Fall 3:41) 182: Corbin Okeson (BR) over Ezera Wuori (NL) (Fall 1:18) 195: Wyatt Dunlop (NL) over (BR) (For.) 220: Noah Swegarden (BR) over Christian Gamboa (NL) (Fall 1:23) 285: Keegan Henjum (BR) over (NL) (For.) 106: Lane Cooper (BR) over Justin Hudson (NL) (Fall 3:05)

Northern Lights, ND 33.0 Rugby, ND 28.0

120: Havlin Delong (NL) over Bryson Amyotte (RUG) (Fall 0:38) 126: Jakob Hudson (NL) over John Jundt (RUG) (Dec 9-2) 132: Brenden Kleespie (RUG) over (NL) (For.) 138: Cole Henderson (NL) over Cole Anderson (RUG) (Fall 1:14) 145: Riley Odden (RUG) over Gavin Houle (NL) (Fall 5:04) 152: cade McCloud (NL) over Austin Schneibel (RUG) (Fall 3:09) 160: Isaac Christenson (RUG) over (NL) (For.) 170: Brady Volk (RUG) over Darrion Wilson (NL) (MD 17-4) 182: Ezera Wuori (NL) over (RUG) (For.) 195: Wyatt Dunlop (NL) over (RUG) (For.) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Cole Schneibel (RUG) over (NL) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit

SD Results 12-5-19

Bon Homme 41 Wagner 37

106: Karstyn Lhotak (WAGN) over Brock Kotalik (BHSA) (Fall 1:51) 113: Jhett Breen (WAGN) over Jasckson Caba (BHSA) (Fall 2:30) 120: Brady Bierema (BHSA) over (WAGN) (For.) 126: Lance Soukup (WAGN) over Tyrus Bietz (BHSA) (Fall 3:50) 132: Isaac Crownover (BHSA) over Riley Roberts (WAGN) (TF 16-0 5:38) 138: Bradyn Lhotak (WAGN) over Landon Smith (BHSA) (MD 18-6) 145: Jordan Rueb (BHSA) over Bain Kuhlman (WAGN) (Fall 1:18) 152: Riley Hellmann (BHSA) over Devon Medricky (WAGN) (Fall 3:15) 160: Owen Eitemiller (WAGN) over Jaymison Bjorum (BHSA) (Dec 7-1) 170: Preston Nedved (WAGN) over Cayden Himes (BHSA) (Fall 3:45) 182: Jordan Gall (BHSA) over Nolan Dvorak (WAGN) (Fall 1:33) 195: Josh Crownover (BHSA) over Tony Bruguier (WAGN) (Fall 0:57) 220: KJ St. Pierre (WAGN) over Dj Rueb (BHSA) (Fall 1:25) 285: Micah DeBoer (BHSA) over Tex Langdeaux (WAGN) (Fall 0:09)

Sturgis 70 Belle Fourche 12

106: Korbin Osborn (STBR) over (BEFO) (For.) 113: Evan Osborn (STBR) over Lane Longbrake (BEFO) (Fall 0:33) 120: Kaden Olson (STBR) over Colton Shelley (BEFO) (Fall 1:32) 126: Logan DeSersa (STBR) over Hunter Quenzer (BEFO) (Fall 1:49) 132: Thomas McCoy (BEFO) over Traylin Martin (STBR) (Fall 4:23) 138: Perry Ketelsen (STBR) over Andy Tonsager (BEFO) (Fall 0:34) 145: Paul Pulling (STBR) over Isaac McKenney (BEFO) (MD 16-5) 152: Brett Konst (STBR) over Gunner Geib (BEFO) (Fall 0:40) 160: Wren Jacobs (STBR) over Cade Bickerdyke (BEFO) (Fall 0:17) 170: Reese Jacobs (STBR) over Sean Wahlfeldt (BEFO) (Fall 1:11) 182: Taylor Coffield (STBR) over Levi Melanson (BEFO) (Fall 1:42) 195: Robert Merwin (STBR) over (BEFO) (For.) 220: Clayton Smith (STBR) over Aiken Crowley (BEFO) (Fall 3:28) 285: Michael Streeter (BEFO) over Cody Nelson (STBR) (Fall 2:49)

Madison 54 Milbank 20

106: Isaac Henry (MADI) over Jacob Johnson (MILB) (Fall 0:48) 113: Truman Stoller (MADI) over Brayden Christensen (MILB) (Fall 1:05) 120: Kaden Krause (MILB) over Blake Johnson (MADI) (MD 11-1) 126: Sam Olson (MADI) over Eli Fischer (MILB) (SV-1 5-3) 132: Bruce Coble (MADI) over Brady Femling (MILB) (Fall 1:08) 138: Barrett Schneck (MILB) over Jess Englert (MADI) (MD 9-1) 145: AJ Peters (MADI) over (MILB) (For.) 152: Sutton Bern (MADI) over Leyton Raffety (MILB) (Dec 6-5) 160: Colby Mennis (MADI) over Dillon Schneck (MILB) (Fall 2:11) 170: Spencer Monroe (MADI) over Nick Trevett (MILB) (Fall 1:27) 182: Nathan Mapp (MADI) over (MILB) (For.) 195: Brodie Holtquist (MILB) over Thomas Seppela (MADI) (Fall 1:56) 220: Tyler Reck (MADI) over Logan Meyer (MILB) (Fall 5:59) 285: Landon Novy (MILB) over (MADI) (For.)

Yankton 42 Beresford 20

106: Paul McGlone (YANK) over Brady Aasheim (BERE) (Fall 1:00) 113: Tucker Bahm (YANK) over Isaac Boden (BERE) (Fall 0:20) 120: Cruz Dyer (YANK) over (BERE) (For.) 126: Jovey Christensen (BERE) over Will Pavlish (YANK) (Fall 5:32) 132: Peyton Fridrich (BERE) over Ethan Yasat (YANK) (Fall 1:18) 138: Kyler Lillie (YANK) over Brenden Lounsbery (BERE) (Fall 0:56) 145: Payton Borah (BERE) over Raynor Roig (YANK) (Fall 1:20) 152: Logan Serck (BERE) over Jackson Conway (YANK) (Fall 0:31) 160: Aaron Larson (BERE) over Dominick Kabella (YANK) (Fall 2:25) 170: Caleb Kisch (YANK) over (BERE) (For.) 182: Landon Schurch (BERE) over Kyle Lucht (YANK) (Dec 8-3) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Owen Warren (YANK) over Alex Jensen (BERE) (Fall 0:36) 285: Trevor Ellis (YANK) over Jace Wurth (BERE) (Fall 1:15)

Watertown 69 Beresford 12

106: Weston Everson (WATE) over Brady Aasheim (BERE) (Fall 0:22) 113: Mason Krause (WATE) over Isaac Boden (BERE) (Fall 0:27) 120: Carson Hansmann (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 126: Jovey Christensen (BERE) over Jackson Maag (WATE) (Fall 0:57) 132: Ty Althoff (WATE) over Peyton Fridrich (BERE) (Fall 2:50) 138: Jaxson Waugh (WATE) over Brenden Lounsbery (BERE) (Fall 0:35) 145: Peyton Johnston (WATE) over Payton Borah (BERE) (Fall 3:01) 152: Logan Serck (BERE) over Mac Young (WATE) (Fall 5:01) 160: Lexan Thorson (WATE) over Aaron Larson (BERE) (Fall 0:39) 170: Tyler Rudebusch (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 182: Sam Stroup (WATE) over Landon Schurch (BERE) (Fall 2:39) 195: Jayden Hartford (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 220: Connor Wirtjes (WATE) over Alex Jensen (BERE) (Fall 3:19) 285: Lincoln Stahl (WATE) over Jace Wurth (BERE) (Dec 11-7)

Watertown 52 Yankton 30

106: Weston Everson (WATE) over Paul McGlone (YANK) (MD 9-1) 113: Tucker Bahm (YANK) over Mason Krause (WATE) (Fall 0:28) 120: Cruz Dyer (YANK) over Carson Hansmann (WATE) (Fall 3:08) 126: Will Pavlish (YANK) over Cael Sutton (WATE) (Fall 4:00) 132: Ty Althoff (WATE) over Ethan Yasat (YANK) (Fall 1:30) 138: Jaxson Waugh (WATE) over Kyler Lillie (YANK) (Fall 1:28) 145: Peyton Johnston (WATE) over Raynor Roig (YANK) (Fall 0:51) 152: Mac Young (WATE) over Jackson Conway (YANK) (Fall 0:41) 160: Lexan Thorson (WATE) over Dominick Kabella (YANK) (Fall 1:26) 170: Sam Stroup (WATE) over (YANK) (For.) 182: Jayden Hartford (WATE) over Kyle Lucht (YANK) (Fall 0:47) 195: Owen Warren (YANK) over Connor Wirtjes (WATE) (Fall 2:22) 220: Lincoln Stahl (WATE) over (YANK) (For.) 285: Trevor Ellis (YANK) over (WATE) (For.)

Lyman 42 Stanley Co 39

106: Chase Hanson (STCO) over Hunter Collins (LYMA) (Fall 0:34) 113: Bryson Muirhead (LYMA) over Hayden Roggow (STCO) (Fall 0:55) 120: Kellen Griffith (LYMA) over Colton Brady (STCO) (Fall 2:29) 126: Trey Frost (STCO) over (LYMA) (For.) 132: Shilo Mowry (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 138: Tance Wagner (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 145: Levi Stover (STCO) over Tyrone Oldenkamp (LYMA) (Dec 10-5) 152: Rory McManus (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 160: Blake Brodrecht (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 170: Reid Wieczorek (STCO) over Isaac McManigal (LYMA) (Fall 1:12) 182: Isaac Cliff (STCO) over Luke Anderson (LYMA) (Fall 0:33) 195: Gunner Johnson (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 220: Sydney Tubbs (STCO) over Dalton Moore (LYMA) (Fall 2:30) 285: Dylan Endres (STCO) over Louie Thiry (LYMA) (Fall 0:41)

Lyman Co 72 Todd Co 12

106: Braydon Oldenkamp (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 113: Hunter Collins (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 120: Bryson Muirhead (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 126: Kellen Griffith (LYMA) over River Colombe (TOCO) (Fall 1:58) 132: Shilo Mowry (LYMA) over Jacob Swalley (TOCO) (Fall 0:35) 138: Tance Wagner (LYMA) over Payton Barrera (TOCO) (Fall 1:12) 145: Tyrone Oldenkamp (LYMA) over Halsey Pearman (TOCO) (Fall 3:16) 152: Rory McManus (LYMA) over J`Shon Sedlmajer (TOCO) (Fall 2:48) 160: Blake Brodrecht (LYMA) over Reign Little Elk (TOCO) (Fall 1:50) 170: Rocky Wiedman (TOCO) over Isaac McManigal (LYMA) (Fall 1:41) 182: Gunner Johnson (LYMA) over Ronnie Roubideaux (TOCO) (Fall 0:44) 195: Luke Anderson (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 220: Dalton Moore (LYMA) over Blaine LaPointe (TOCO) (Fall 1:05) 285: Waylon Marshall (TOCO) over Louie Thiry (LYMA) (Fall 0:25)

Stanley Co 42 Todd Co 30

106: Chase Hanson (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 113: Hayden Roggow (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 120: Taton Walker (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 126: Trey Frost (STCO) over River Colombe (TOCO) (Fall 4:51) 132: Jacob Swalley (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 138: Payton Barrera (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 145: Levi Stover (STCO) over Halsey Pearman (TOCO) (Dec 7-1) 152: J`Shon Sedlmajer (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 160: Reign Little Elk (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 170: Reid Wieczorek (STCO) over Rocky Wiedman (TOCO) (Dec 7-2) 182: Isaac Cliff (STCO) over Ronnie Roubideaux (TOCO) (Fall 3:18) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Sydney Tubbs (STCO) over Blaine LaPointe (TOCO) (Fall 1:35) 285: Waylon Marshall (TOCO) over Dylan Endres (STCO) (Fall 1:55)

ND Results 12-5-19

North Dakota Results 12-5-2019

Napoleon 42 EEK 29

106: Max Tjernlund (EEK) over Logan Feist (NAP) (TF 15-0 0:00) 113: Mason Weigel (NAP) over Jerimiah Kolstad (EEK) (Fall 1:40) 120: Daxtyn Eslinger (NAP) over (EEK) (For.) 126: Quinn Bakken (NAP) over Greg Fuher (EEK) (Fall 2:24) 132: Ezekiel Pechtel (NAP) over Carl Tjernlund (EEK) (Fall 1:56) 138: Double Forfeit 145: Anton Carruth (EEK) over Tucker Schneider (NAP) (Dec 4-1) 152: Jarett Jangula (NAP) over Jacob Preus (EEK) (Fall 0:58) 160: Nolan Behrens (NAP) over (EEK) (For.) 170: Garrett Jangula (NAP) over Nick Seefeld (EEK) (Fall 1:58) 182: Ethan Carruth (EEK) over Quinn Lindenberg (NAP) (Fall 5:15) 195: Bridger Mathern (EEK) over Noah Becker (NAP) (Fall 2:43) 220: Ethan Ellingson (EEK) over Peyton Grunefelder (NAP) (Dec 6-2) 285: Rhett Moch (EEK) over (NAP) (For.)

South Border 54 Linton HMB 12

106: Tristan Lepp (SB) over Wyatt Schwab (LHMB) (Fall 1:57) 113: Charles Herr (SB) over (LHMB) (For.) 120: Marshall Lindgren (SB) over Polo Cantu (LHMB) (Fall 0:41) 126: Matthew Wolf (SB) over Blake Odden (LHMB) (Fall 2:44) 132: Grant Schneider (SB) over (LHMB) (For.) 138: Chandler Nagel (LHMB) over Baxter Sand (SB) (Fall 0:37) 145: Jon Shockley (SB) over Jarell Ketterling (LHMB) (Fall 0:51) 152: Mark Jochim (SB) over Trey Jacob (LHMB) (Fall 3:08) 160: James Schumacher (SB) over Landon Schumacher (LHMB) (SV-1 9-7) 170: Jake Herr (SB) over (LHMB) (For.) 182: Ashton Peterson (SB) over Jaden Bosch (LHMB) (Dec 6-1) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Quinn Roemmich (LHMB) over Lewis Goehring (SB) (Fall 2:25) 285: Double Forfeit

Dickinson 44 Williston 27

138: Cutter Jones (WIL) over Henry Nelson (DIC) (Dec 7-1) 145: Trevor Zeiler (WIL) over Elijah Hoerner (DIC) (Fall 4:30) 152: Troy Berg (DIC) over Jaden Legg (WIL) (Fall 0:15) 160: Cody Booth (DIC) over Branden Norpel (WIL) (Dec 10-4) 170: Comstock Krenz (WIL) over Evan Lubken (DIC) (Fall 0:35) 182: Tanner Jarrett (DIC) over Logan Crouch (WIL) (MD 15-2) 195: Christian Minton (WIL) over Tyler White (DIC) (Fall 1:41) 220: Malikai Rivera (DIC) over Peyton Hanson (WIL) (MD 12-4) 285: Garrett Usher (DIC) over Quentin Glueckert (WIL) (Fall 0:27) 106: Benett Carlson (DIC) over (WIL) (For.) 113: Gage Glaser (DIC) over Waylon Andreason (WIL) (Fall 0:30) 120: Jack Coles (WIL) over (DIC) (For.) 126: Houston Crimmins (DIC) over Wyatt Hansen (WIL) (Dec 7-4) 132: Cullen Murphy (DIC) over Deklan Haugen (WIL) (Fall 0:52)

Lisbon 58 Oakes 14

106: Blaze Reinke (LIS) over Grant Wagner (OAK) (MD 12-0) 113: Carter Wallner (LIS) over Cody Meehl (OAK) (Fall 2:56) 120: Mike Nelson (LIS) over Jaron Awender (OAK) (Fall 2:41) 126: Caleb Nielsen (LIS) over Jacob Kadoun (OAK) (Fall 1:24) 132: Levi Sveum (LIS) over Blaine Wald (OAK) (Dec 4-3) 138: Brody Aberle (LIS) over Brogan Roney (OAK) (Fall 4:42) 145: Boeden Greenley (LIS) over Blayson Dolney (OAK) (Fall 1:27) 152: John German (OAK) over Silas Reinke (LIS) (TF 15-0 5:01) 160: Hunter Schwab (LIS) over Ryan Hermes (OAK) (Fall 4:51) 170: Jaden Schmidt (LIS) over Marc Seyer (OAK) (Dec 5-1) 182: Jordan Sours (LIS) over Joe Schaefer (OAK) (Fall 0:08) 195: Gabe Quandt (OAK) over Zayne Sauby (LIS) (Dec 7-2) 220: Sam Rieger (LIS) over Hunter Greenmyer (OAK) (Fall 4:58) 285: Jacob Hankel (OAK) over Josh Shearer (LIS) (Fall 2:53)

Mandan 43 Legacy 25

106: Jesse Thompson (LEG) over Evan Fleck (MAN) (Fall 1:22) 113: 120: Tyler Guffey (MAN) over (LEG) (For.) 126: Jakob Blumhagen (LEG) over Ben Kleinknecht (MAN) (Dec 3-2) 132: Carolyn Goebel (MAN) over (LEG) (For.) 138: Tim Kadrmas (LEG) over Karsten Heggney (MAN) (MD 10-1) 145: Konnor Nelson (MAN) over Devon Rempel (LEG) (Fall 2:40) 152: Will Kleinknecht (MAN) over Maverick Martin (LEG) (Dec 4-1) 160: Seth Berg (MAN) over Draken Stugelmeyer (LEG) (MD 13-3) 170: Riley Martin (LEG) over Brenden Palmer (MAN) (Fall 5:40) 182: Owen McGinness (MAN) over Ethan Mitchell (LEG) (Fall 1:26) 195: James Barnhardt (MAN) over Kyle Giudice (LEG) (Fall 3:19) 220: Henrik Jacobsen (LEG) over Caleb McDonald (MAN) (Fall 3:10) 285: Daylan Dillmann (MAN) over Haaken Jacobsen (LEG) (Fall 1:10)

Century 46 Mandan 22

113: Neal Bohrer (CENT) over (MAN) (For.) 120: Kaden DeCoteau (CENT) over Tyler Guffey (MAN) (Fall 1:50) 126: Hayden Johnsrud (CENT) over Ben Kleinknecht (MAN) (MD 9-1) 132: Devin Schulz (CENT) over (MAN) (For.) 138: Clay Radenz (CENT) over Karsten Heggney (MAN) (Fall 3:07) 145: Konnor Nelson (MAN) over Ben Weigum (CENT) (Dec 8-7) 152: Will Kleinknecht (MAN) over Cole Radenz (CENT) (MD 10-1) 160: Seth Berg (MAN) over Carter Krueger (CENT) (Fall 1:30) 170: Brenden Palmer (MAN) over Dany Tanefeu (CENT) (Dec 13-9) 182: Jacob Boehm (CENT) over Owen McGinness (MAN) (Dec 9-3) 195: Anthony Carranza (CENT) over James Barnhardt (MAN) (Fall 5:53) 220: Caleb McDonald (MAN) over Ethan Morris (CENT) (Fall 0:35) 285: Jacob Burckhard (CENT) over Daylan Dillmann (MAN) (Fall 4:53) 106: Blake Ersland (CENT) over Evan Fleck (MAN) (Dec 6-2)

Century 50  Legacy 24

120: Kaden DeCoteau (CENT) over (LEG) (For.) 126: Hayden Johnsrud (CENT) over Jakob Blumhagen (LEG) (Dec 4-2) 132: Devin Schulz (CENT) over (LEG) (For.) 138: Clay Radenz (CENT) over Tim Kadrmas (LEG) (Dec 7-3) 145: Ben Weigum (CENT) over Devon Rempel (LEG) (Fall 3:31) 152: Maverick Martin (LEG) over Cole Radenz (CENT) (Fall 4:57) 160: Draken Stugelmeyer (LEG) over Carter Krueger (CENT) (Fall 0:51) 170: Dany Tanefeu (CENT) over Riley Martin (LEG) (TF 20-2 4:00) 182: Jacob Boehm (CENT) over Ethan Mitchell (LEG) (Fall 1:06) 195: Anthony Carranza (CENT) over Kyle Giudice (LEG) (Dec 10-5) 220: Lykken Parlett (CENT) over Haaken Jacobsen (LEG) (Fall 0:46) 285: Henrik Jacobsen (LEG) over Jacob Burckhard (CENT) (Fall 3:51) 106: Jesse Thompson (LEG) over Blake Ersland (CENT) (Fall 2:58) 113: Neal Bohrer (CENT) over (LEG) (For.)

Northern Lights 42  Des Lacs Burlington 34

120: Havlin Delong (NL) over Kenny Smith (DLB) (Fall 0:45) 126: Jakob Hudson (NL) over Harrison Schwartz (DLB) (Fall 1:39) 132: Kaden Eaton (DLB) over Cole Henderson (NL) (Dec 10-4) 138: Grayson Pease (DLB) over Gavin Houle (NL) (MD 16-3) 145: Cale Ibach (DLB) over (NL) (For.) 152: Matthew Schwandt (DLB) over (NL) (For.) 160: Walter Winkler (DLB) over Kelvin Keplin (NL) (Fall 0:47) 170: Weston Wahus (DLB) over Darrion Wilson (NL) (Dec 10-5) 182: Ezera Wuori (NL) over (DLB) (For.) 195: Coy Spooner (DLB) over Wyatt Dunlop (NL) (Fall 4:39) 220: Christian Gamboa (NL) over Nathan Robbins (DLB) (Fall 0:19) 285: Jayton Slater (NL) over Jordan Robbins (DLB) (Fall 5:35) 106: Alvy Henderson (NL) over Trent Howell (DLB) (Fall 0:21) 113: Justin Hudson (NL) over Mayson Delano (DLB) (Fall 4:51)

Des Lacs Burlington 54  Stanley 21

113: Cayne Rudolph (STAN) over Mayson Delano (DLB) (Fall 1:51) 120: Kenny Smith (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 126: Justin Germundson (STAN) over Harrison Schwartz (DLB) (Fall 3:27) 132: Kaden Eaton (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 138: Keyton Meiers (STAN) over Grayson Pease (DLB) (Dec 7-0) 145: Cale Ibach (DLB) over Cody Rudolph (STAN) (Fall 5:19) 152: Walter Winkler (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 160: Wyatt Holter (DLB) over Jonathan Germundson (STAN) (Fall 5:05) 170: Weston Wahus (DLB) over Kyler Grimm (STAN) (Fall 1:10) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Coy Spooner (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 220: Nathan Robbins (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 285: Jordan Robbins (DLB) over (STAN) (For.) 106: Mason McPeak (STAN) over Trent Howell (DLB) (Fall 0:21)

Northern Lights 40  Stanley 17

106: Alvy Henderson (NL) over Mason McPeak (STAN) (Fall 0:26) 113: Justin Hudson (NL) over Cayne Rudolph (STAN) (MD 13-4) 120: Havlin Delong (NL) over (STAN) (For.) 126: Jakob Hudson (NL) over Justin Germundson (STAN) (Fall 1:30) 132: Cole Henderson (NL) over (STAN) (For.) 138: Keyton Meiers (STAN) over Gavin Houle (NL) (TF 17-1 6:00) 145: Cody Rudolph (STAN) over (NL) (For.) 152: Dallas Bateiger (STAN) over (NL) (For.) 160: Kelvin Keplin (NL) over Trey Bohmbach (STAN) (Fall 5:16) 170: Darrion Wilson (NL) over Kyler Grimm (STAN) (Fall 0:53) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Double Forfeit 220: Double Forfeit 285: Double Forfeit

St Mary’s 54  Watford City 25

106: Alex Martinez (WC) over Joryn Richter (MARY) (Fall 1:29) 113: 120: Ethan Dennis (WC) over Collin Steidler (MARY) (MD 13-4) 126: Reece Barnhardt (MARY) over (WC) (For.) 132: Logan Heen (MARY) over (WC) (For.) 138: Isaac Felchle (MARY) over (WC) (For.) 138: Isaac Felchle (MARY) over (WC) (For.) 145: James Richter (MARY) over Trey Polivka (WC) (Fall 0:48) 152: Mathew Scheer (MARY) over Camden Barnett (WC) (Fall 2:21) 160: Adam Richter (MARY) over (WC) (For.) 170: Nick Fiedler (WC) over Luke Lengenfelder (MARY) (Dec 4-0) 182: Corydon Fladland (WC) over (MARY) (For.) 195: Trenton Radenz (MARY) over Brandon Rorex (WC) (Fall 0:53) 220: Joseph Dube (WC) over (MARY) (For.) 285: Jack Weikum (MARY) over Brett Rowe (WC) (Fall 1:32)

St. Mary’s 48, Watford City 25 results coming

Minot 55, St. Mary’s 9

Minot 63, Watford City 9

North Dakota HS Results 11-26-19

11/26/2019 Bismarck St Mary`s JV, ND 21 Bismarck, JV ND 16
11/26/2019 West Fargo, ND 72 Wahpeton, ND 12
11/26/2019 Minot, ND 50 Williston, ND 16
11/26/2019 Valley City, ND 46 Fargo Davies, ND 22
11/26/2019 Watford City Triangular, ND
11/26/2019 Carrington, ND 39 Oakes, ND 36
11/26/2019 Williston JV, ND 27 Minot JV, ND 17
11/26/2019 Bismarck, ND 59 Bismarck St Mary`s, ND 16
11/26/2019 Lisbon, ND 70 Hillsboro-Central Valley, ND 3
11/26/2019 Devils Lake, ND 72 Grand Forks Red River, ND 6
11/26/2019 Bismarck Century, ND 34 Jamestown, ND 34
Century wins by criteria

Live Stream Wrestling?

Wrestling fans,

If you want to see some high school wrestling action this weekend in North Dakota, you can either go to the Minot High Gym or Check out our live steams this weekend.

We plan on doing several live streams at Minot this weekend for the Minot Early Bird Wrestling tournament… teams last year included:

Beulah-Hazen, ND
Bishop Ryan, ND
Bismarck Legacy, ND
Carrington, ND
Deslacs-Burlington, ND
Devils Lake, ND
Kenmare-Bowbells, ND
Minot, ND
Rugby, ND
Turtle Mountain, ND
Velva, ND
Williams County, ND
Williston, ND

First Stream will be close to 10:00am (Intro to the tourney) talk a bit of wrestling.
Next few live streams (probably a few interviews with coaches)
Then the finals…

Should be a great day of wrestling… If you can’t make it to the Tourney come watch some of the live streams:

Image result for minot high school wrestling"

Northern upends Concordia 24-15


Final Score: NSU 24, CC 15

Records: NSU 2-0, CC 0-2


·         Caden Moore tallied the first live action victory for the Wolves in the dual, defeating Kellen Schauer in a 3-2 decision; his win tied the match at 9-9 after two loss for NSU at 125 and 141 pounds and a forfeit victory at 133

·         James Burks and Billy Holtan kept the winning ways rolling through the next two weights giving Northern State a 16-9 lead

·         Burks defeated Bret Wilson in a 7-5 decision, while Holtan downed Alex Skaare in a 12-5 major decision in his first dual appearance of the year

·         Concordia Moorhead answered back with a victory at 174 pounds, however Marcus Placide lengthened the NSU lead defeating Ayden Friese in a 14-2 major decision

·         The Cobbers did not lay down easily notching a decision victory at 197 pounds, leaving the Wolves with just a 5-point lead

·         Caleb Lefferdink however sealed the dual win for NSU, handily defeating Austin Ratliff in a 13-3 major decision

125 –  
Cole Kubesh (CC) pin Landen Fischer (NSU); 4:54 (CC leads 6-0)
133 –  Dane Christopherson (NSU) wins by forfeit (Tied 6-6)
141 – Cade Lundeen (CC) dec. Kolton Roth (NSU); 8-7 (CC leads 9-6)
149 – Caden Moore (NSU) dec. Kellen Schauer (CC); 3-2 (Tied 9-9)
157 – James Burks (NSU) dec. Bret Wilson (CC); 7-5 (NSU leads 12-9)
165 – Billy Holtan (NSU) maj. dec. Alex Skaare (CC); 13-5 (NSU leads 16-9) 
174 – 
Ian Frenzel (CC) dec. Jake Flakus (NSU); 7-4 (NSU leads 16-12)   
184 – Marcus Placide (NSU) maj. dec. Ayden Friese (CC); 14-2 (NSU leads 20-12)
197 – Gabe Zierden (CC) dec. Diego Gallegos (NSU); 5-3 (NSU leads 20-15)
285 – Caleb Lefferdink (NSU) maj. dec. Austin Ratliff (CC); 13-3 (NSU wins 24-15)


Northern State returns to action on Thursday, December 5 from Wachs Arena. The Wolves will face-off at 7 p.m. versus MSU Moorhead in their opening NSIC dual of the season. 

Dakota Grappler Live 2019-20 Kickoff Show

  • Again, we have a goal of getting 1000 subscribers by the end of this wrestling season.
  • We also are putting together a weekly/bi-weekly newsletter which will include articles and the current rankings for ND and SD.
  • Subscribe, give it a thumbs up and ask to get the newletter and you will have a change of winning a digital copy or a hard copy of this years Dakota Grappler.

Dakota Grappler Live Kick-off this Sunday

Come Checkout Jon Gums, Bill Holtan and probably a guest or two talking all about wrestling in North and South Dakota. The plan is to go live around 7:00 pm CST. More to be announced as we get closer to going live! I will be posting a link both here and on the . We will talk about returning state placers, some college wrestling, college signings, and so much more.

2019-20 Digital Dakota Grappler Ready

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  • #4 email me at and I will either email you the digital version or give you a coupon code to get one free…

ND Coaches I need your teams info

Even Burwick faxed me his… LOL I need your info. Please.

Coaches, Athletic Directors, Parents, Wrestling fans

I have sent emails to most of these coaches and I have not gotten their info in yet so….

I need your help, could you please forward to coach or send in your questionnaire for this years Dakota Grappler.  (putting a little pressure on is fine) I have sent out requests earlier and I know everyone is busy…  My deadline is like right now.  If this is the first time you have seen this I do apologize, there are a couple of new coaches and new emails out there that I did not get or don’t have access to…
Check out the questionnaire attached below,  with time being short, the most important things are your coaching staff, and a quick season outlook, I can get last years line-ups and records from trackwrestling…
Thanks again,

Jon Gums

Dakota Grappler

email back to

  • Alexander
  • Bismarck Legacy
  • Fargo North
  • Kenmare
  • Larimore
  • MPCG
  • New Town
  • Northern Lights
  • Pembina Co
  • Rugby
  • Standing Rock need to find out who is coaching
  • Stanley
  • Valley City
  • West Fargo
  • Watford City
  • Thanks for all the help.


Head Coach:    # of Years Coaching:

Interested in getting involved in Youtube live coaches corner?             Yes      No       Maybe 

if so what evening of the week works best…  so far Wed evenings 8:00 pm or the Sunday Evening Takedown Show has been suggested.


Last Year’s Dual Record:

Reg. Finish: State Finish:

Returning State Placers and place:


Other Returning State Qualifiers

Other wrestlers to watch:

Region and Conference Predictions




State Dual Predictions:

State Individual Team:




Roster: (If this takes to long say get from trackwrestling)

Any Out of Season Wrestling Accomplishments?

Any Camps attended?

Season Outlook or Coaches comments: (most important section!)

SD Teams info still needed

Here is the list as of 4:00 pm Oct 29th… Friday is the final final deadline.. It would be nice that all teams are represented with info straight from the coach… It makes content in the Dakota Grappler Preview authentic and it shows a commitment by the coach to getting his team the publicity all wrestlers deserve!

As team get them in I will erase their school names.

Class A Dakota Valley, CEB, Mitchell, Douglas, Belle Fourche, Pine Ridge, Little Wound, Rapid City Stevens,

Class B Britton, Clark, Deuel, Groton, Hamlin, Ipswich, Warner, Marion Freeman, Tri-Valley, Faith, Bon Homme, Mt. Vernon, Parkston, Sunshine Bilble, Wess Spring Wolsey etc, Bennett Co, Harding Co, and Hill City…


ND Colleges

SD Colleges

Big Ten Conference (Division I)

Big 12 (former Western Wrestling Conference (Division I))

Big 12 Conference (Division I)

Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (Division II)

Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)

Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)


College Conferences

  • B1G – Big Ten Conference
  • Big 12 – Big 12 Conference
  • ARC – American Rivers Conference
  • WIAC – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  • MAC – Mid-American Conference
  • MCAC – Minnesota College Athletic Conference
  • NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • NCWA – National Collegiate Wrestling Association
  • NJCAA – National Junior College Athletic Association
  • NSIC – Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference