SD Results 12-5-19

Bon Homme 41 Wagner 37

106: Karstyn Lhotak (WAGN) over Brock Kotalik (BHSA) (Fall 1:51) 113: Jhett Breen (WAGN) over Jasckson Caba (BHSA) (Fall 2:30) 120: Brady Bierema (BHSA) over (WAGN) (For.) 126: Lance Soukup (WAGN) over Tyrus Bietz (BHSA) (Fall 3:50) 132: Isaac Crownover (BHSA) over Riley Roberts (WAGN) (TF 16-0 5:38) 138: Bradyn Lhotak (WAGN) over Landon Smith (BHSA) (MD 18-6) 145: Jordan Rueb (BHSA) over Bain Kuhlman (WAGN) (Fall 1:18) 152: Riley Hellmann (BHSA) over Devon Medricky (WAGN) (Fall 3:15) 160: Owen Eitemiller (WAGN) over Jaymison Bjorum (BHSA) (Dec 7-1) 170: Preston Nedved (WAGN) over Cayden Himes (BHSA) (Fall 3:45) 182: Jordan Gall (BHSA) over Nolan Dvorak (WAGN) (Fall 1:33) 195: Josh Crownover (BHSA) over Tony Bruguier (WAGN) (Fall 0:57) 220: KJ St. Pierre (WAGN) over Dj Rueb (BHSA) (Fall 1:25) 285: Micah DeBoer (BHSA) over Tex Langdeaux (WAGN) (Fall 0:09)

Sturgis 70 Belle Fourche 12

106: Korbin Osborn (STBR) over (BEFO) (For.) 113: Evan Osborn (STBR) over Lane Longbrake (BEFO) (Fall 0:33) 120: Kaden Olson (STBR) over Colton Shelley (BEFO) (Fall 1:32) 126: Logan DeSersa (STBR) over Hunter Quenzer (BEFO) (Fall 1:49) 132: Thomas McCoy (BEFO) over Traylin Martin (STBR) (Fall 4:23) 138: Perry Ketelsen (STBR) over Andy Tonsager (BEFO) (Fall 0:34) 145: Paul Pulling (STBR) over Isaac McKenney (BEFO) (MD 16-5) 152: Brett Konst (STBR) over Gunner Geib (BEFO) (Fall 0:40) 160: Wren Jacobs (STBR) over Cade Bickerdyke (BEFO) (Fall 0:17) 170: Reese Jacobs (STBR) over Sean Wahlfeldt (BEFO) (Fall 1:11) 182: Taylor Coffield (STBR) over Levi Melanson (BEFO) (Fall 1:42) 195: Robert Merwin (STBR) over (BEFO) (For.) 220: Clayton Smith (STBR) over Aiken Crowley (BEFO) (Fall 3:28) 285: Michael Streeter (BEFO) over Cody Nelson (STBR) (Fall 2:49)

Madison 54 Milbank 20

106: Isaac Henry (MADI) over Jacob Johnson (MILB) (Fall 0:48) 113: Truman Stoller (MADI) over Brayden Christensen (MILB) (Fall 1:05) 120: Kaden Krause (MILB) over Blake Johnson (MADI) (MD 11-1) 126: Sam Olson (MADI) over Eli Fischer (MILB) (SV-1 5-3) 132: Bruce Coble (MADI) over Brady Femling (MILB) (Fall 1:08) 138: Barrett Schneck (MILB) over Jess Englert (MADI) (MD 9-1) 145: AJ Peters (MADI) over (MILB) (For.) 152: Sutton Bern (MADI) over Leyton Raffety (MILB) (Dec 6-5) 160: Colby Mennis (MADI) over Dillon Schneck (MILB) (Fall 2:11) 170: Spencer Monroe (MADI) over Nick Trevett (MILB) (Fall 1:27) 182: Nathan Mapp (MADI) over (MILB) (For.) 195: Brodie Holtquist (MILB) over Thomas Seppela (MADI) (Fall 1:56) 220: Tyler Reck (MADI) over Logan Meyer (MILB) (Fall 5:59) 285: Landon Novy (MILB) over (MADI) (For.)

Yankton 42 Beresford 20

106: Paul McGlone (YANK) over Brady Aasheim (BERE) (Fall 1:00) 113: Tucker Bahm (YANK) over Isaac Boden (BERE) (Fall 0:20) 120: Cruz Dyer (YANK) over (BERE) (For.) 126: Jovey Christensen (BERE) over Will Pavlish (YANK) (Fall 5:32) 132: Peyton Fridrich (BERE) over Ethan Yasat (YANK) (Fall 1:18) 138: Kyler Lillie (YANK) over Brenden Lounsbery (BERE) (Fall 0:56) 145: Payton Borah (BERE) over Raynor Roig (YANK) (Fall 1:20) 152: Logan Serck (BERE) over Jackson Conway (YANK) (Fall 0:31) 160: Aaron Larson (BERE) over Dominick Kabella (YANK) (Fall 2:25) 170: Caleb Kisch (YANK) over (BERE) (For.) 182: Landon Schurch (BERE) over Kyle Lucht (YANK) (Dec 8-3) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Owen Warren (YANK) over Alex Jensen (BERE) (Fall 0:36) 285: Trevor Ellis (YANK) over Jace Wurth (BERE) (Fall 1:15)

Watertown 69 Beresford 12

106: Weston Everson (WATE) over Brady Aasheim (BERE) (Fall 0:22) 113: Mason Krause (WATE) over Isaac Boden (BERE) (Fall 0:27) 120: Carson Hansmann (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 126: Jovey Christensen (BERE) over Jackson Maag (WATE) (Fall 0:57) 132: Ty Althoff (WATE) over Peyton Fridrich (BERE) (Fall 2:50) 138: Jaxson Waugh (WATE) over Brenden Lounsbery (BERE) (Fall 0:35) 145: Peyton Johnston (WATE) over Payton Borah (BERE) (Fall 3:01) 152: Logan Serck (BERE) over Mac Young (WATE) (Fall 5:01) 160: Lexan Thorson (WATE) over Aaron Larson (BERE) (Fall 0:39) 170: Tyler Rudebusch (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 182: Sam Stroup (WATE) over Landon Schurch (BERE) (Fall 2:39) 195: Jayden Hartford (WATE) over (BERE) (For.) 220: Connor Wirtjes (WATE) over Alex Jensen (BERE) (Fall 3:19) 285: Lincoln Stahl (WATE) over Jace Wurth (BERE) (Dec 11-7)

Watertown 52 Yankton 30

106: Weston Everson (WATE) over Paul McGlone (YANK) (MD 9-1) 113: Tucker Bahm (YANK) over Mason Krause (WATE) (Fall 0:28) 120: Cruz Dyer (YANK) over Carson Hansmann (WATE) (Fall 3:08) 126: Will Pavlish (YANK) over Cael Sutton (WATE) (Fall 4:00) 132: Ty Althoff (WATE) over Ethan Yasat (YANK) (Fall 1:30) 138: Jaxson Waugh (WATE) over Kyler Lillie (YANK) (Fall 1:28) 145: Peyton Johnston (WATE) over Raynor Roig (YANK) (Fall 0:51) 152: Mac Young (WATE) over Jackson Conway (YANK) (Fall 0:41) 160: Lexan Thorson (WATE) over Dominick Kabella (YANK) (Fall 1:26) 170: Sam Stroup (WATE) over (YANK) (For.) 182: Jayden Hartford (WATE) over Kyle Lucht (YANK) (Fall 0:47) 195: Owen Warren (YANK) over Connor Wirtjes (WATE) (Fall 2:22) 220: Lincoln Stahl (WATE) over (YANK) (For.) 285: Trevor Ellis (YANK) over (WATE) (For.)

Lyman 42 Stanley Co 39

106: Chase Hanson (STCO) over Hunter Collins (LYMA) (Fall 0:34) 113: Bryson Muirhead (LYMA) over Hayden Roggow (STCO) (Fall 0:55) 120: Kellen Griffith (LYMA) over Colton Brady (STCO) (Fall 2:29) 126: Trey Frost (STCO) over (LYMA) (For.) 132: Shilo Mowry (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 138: Tance Wagner (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 145: Levi Stover (STCO) over Tyrone Oldenkamp (LYMA) (Dec 10-5) 152: Rory McManus (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 160: Blake Brodrecht (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 170: Reid Wieczorek (STCO) over Isaac McManigal (LYMA) (Fall 1:12) 182: Isaac Cliff (STCO) over Luke Anderson (LYMA) (Fall 0:33) 195: Gunner Johnson (LYMA) over (STCO) (For.) 220: Sydney Tubbs (STCO) over Dalton Moore (LYMA) (Fall 2:30) 285: Dylan Endres (STCO) over Louie Thiry (LYMA) (Fall 0:41)

Lyman Co 72 Todd Co 12

106: Braydon Oldenkamp (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 113: Hunter Collins (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 120: Bryson Muirhead (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 126: Kellen Griffith (LYMA) over River Colombe (TOCO) (Fall 1:58) 132: Shilo Mowry (LYMA) over Jacob Swalley (TOCO) (Fall 0:35) 138: Tance Wagner (LYMA) over Payton Barrera (TOCO) (Fall 1:12) 145: Tyrone Oldenkamp (LYMA) over Halsey Pearman (TOCO) (Fall 3:16) 152: Rory McManus (LYMA) over J`Shon Sedlmajer (TOCO) (Fall 2:48) 160: Blake Brodrecht (LYMA) over Reign Little Elk (TOCO) (Fall 1:50) 170: Rocky Wiedman (TOCO) over Isaac McManigal (LYMA) (Fall 1:41) 182: Gunner Johnson (LYMA) over Ronnie Roubideaux (TOCO) (Fall 0:44) 195: Luke Anderson (LYMA) over (TOCO) (For.) 220: Dalton Moore (LYMA) over Blaine LaPointe (TOCO) (Fall 1:05) 285: Waylon Marshall (TOCO) over Louie Thiry (LYMA) (Fall 0:25)

Stanley Co 42 Todd Co 30

106: Chase Hanson (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 113: Hayden Roggow (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 120: Taton Walker (STCO) over (TOCO) (For.) 126: Trey Frost (STCO) over River Colombe (TOCO) (Fall 4:51) 132: Jacob Swalley (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 138: Payton Barrera (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 145: Levi Stover (STCO) over Halsey Pearman (TOCO) (Dec 7-1) 152: J`Shon Sedlmajer (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 160: Reign Little Elk (TOCO) over (STCO) (For.) 170: Reid Wieczorek (STCO) over Rocky Wiedman (TOCO) (Dec 7-2) 182: Isaac Cliff (STCO) over Ronnie Roubideaux (TOCO) (Fall 3:18) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Sydney Tubbs (STCO) over Blaine LaPointe (TOCO) (Fall 1:35) 285: Waylon Marshall (TOCO) over Dylan Endres (STCO) (Fall 1:55)

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